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"Are you looking for more freedom in your life? My practice is a place where we can together find FREEDOM THROUGH PSYCHOTHERAPY-Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts. I have had the privilege to witness many people finding freedom, some even more than could be imagined. Together we can look at your unique needs and stressors, and then develop a plan specific to your unique challenges and strengths. Make the choice to have life hurt less, feel more manageable, be less stressed, and feel more free. Together we'll journey to help you live a more abundant, prosperous and satisfying life."

-- Dr. Joanne Vizzini



Understanding Your Therapy

Family Therapy

It is through each family member's direct participation that healing occurs in a family therapy session.

There are many schools of family therapy that focus on communication, relationships, roles, and various family dynamics. All of the types of family therapy rely solely on treating the interaction between and among the members of whatever community is presented for treatment. In the past the family was defined in narrow terms, just as parents and children. In today's world, there are multiple formulations of human interaction, all of which are welcome in my practice, with the emphasis on relating and improving ways of relating.

Family therapy has been used effectively in the full range of human dilemmas; there is no category of relationship or psychological problem that has not been addressed with this approach.

There may be times in this process when feelings of unhappiness, anger, anxiety or tension may increase for a short time. Yet, the overall goal is to lessen your painful symptoms and introduce you to the joy of living freely, perhaps for the first time.

It is my commitment to offer you care and give constructive feedback, and to maintain confidentiality. It is your commitment to attend scheduled appointments, to be active and open in the process, to practice new skills for coping, to follow any medication regime that is part of your overall wellness, and to pay fees at the time of service.

There are specific times to seek family psychotherapy, like during transitions: such as when a family is experiencing the stress of separation/widowhood or divorce, or when a young adult is launching from home or an older adult is retiring, or if one member has a specific problem such as a mental illness or an addiction and the family is being affected. Even in the context of a family your specific needs for growth as an adult, young adult, teen or child are important. See specialties to determine if your issue/concern is listed.

I find it a privilege to journey with the clientele I have served over the past 13 years as a psychotherapist. And, I bring 25 years of experience as an educator, caregiver, administrator, retreat directress, workshop leader (see my resume for details) and co-journeyer to support your unique healing process. Come join me as together we seek Freedom Through Psychotherapy: Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts.

-- Dr. Joanne Vizzini




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