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"Are you looking for more freedom in your life? My practice is a place where we can together find FREEDOM THROUGH PSYCHOTHERAPY-Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts. I have had the privilege to witness many people finding freedom, some even more than could be imagined. Together we can look at your unique needs and stressors, and then develop a plan specific to your unique challenges and strengths. Make the choice to have life hurt less, feel more manageable, be less stressed, and feel more free. Together we'll journey to help you live a more abundant, prosperous and satisfying life."

-- Dr. Joanne Vizzini



Understanding Your Therapy

As a client you have the choice to have individual therapy, a one-on-one experience, where your unique individual needs are attended to in each session. For adults, only those who are invited to the session may attend, for example a spouse or significant other, but generally you as the client meet me weekly or biweekly to reach your own personal goals. For children and teens, parents/guardians are usually involved to support the individual process (see child therapy), at the level at which the child or teen is comfortable. For young adults, the parent is often paying for the treatment, but cannot have access to the process of healing unless permission is given by the young adult. These sessions are usually 50 minutes, and time may be extended based upon your need.

You could choose to engage in family therapy if your issue is related to your relationship and relating to others in your nuclear family, extended family, family of origin or even non blood related connections that have the "feel' of family, or even your family of origin. Family and its formulation may include non-married partners, cohabitating partners/roommates or any formulation of adults, teens, and children relating that is causing your distress. These sessions are usually longer than the 50 minute individual sessions and are generally scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.

For children, you may bring your teen or child for treatment based on your concern or the school's concern about your child's behavior. If you see a change in your child's demeanor or in their grades or functioning, it could be time to see a professional like me, to determine if they need specific therapeutic intervention. Sometimes this is short-term counseling, and at times, if you and your youth are experiencing the grief of separation/divorce or widowhood, this may be longer term. These sessions are usually 50 to 60 minutes in length.

Group therapy can be a life changing and transforming experience where you are able to learn and practice new skills. Psychoeducational groups are joined to learn new coping skills and process oriented groups are joined to practice new styles of relating. Group can be challenging and exciting. These sessions are usually held for 70 - 90 minutes.

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