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"The experience of puppet therapy with adults has successfully provided a means to disarm client's resistance in a quick and easy fashion. There seems to be regression in the service of the ego, which facilitates adult play. The experience of puppet therapy with children flows naturally from the ability of the child to play and to transfer his/her own world onto the puppet, providing deep insight and meaning to the healing work. The client's healing is literally at the counselor's fingertips."

-- Dr. Joanne Vizzini


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View the Being Mean isn't Cool Puppet Session at Elmer Wolfe Elementary

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Client, Clinicians, and School Children Reactions

Reactions from Clients:

When the puppet began to speak to me, I felt like I could tell her anything.

I learned that I am okay as I am. Just like the puppet, I'm free to be me.

The experience with the puppet was a life changing event for me, one I'll never forget.

I am able to access a piece of myself that I wasn't able to touch; I'll never have to hide again.

I was so taken by the puppet that I was doing my healing work without paying attention to what anyone would think. I felt at home with the puppet and myself.

I was able to do and say thing I normally am too afraid, or too ashamed, to do and say. It was a spiritual experience for me.

I can't wait to tell my friends about how helpful the puppet's messages were for me.

I feel free to tell the puppet what I'm really feeling; there's no pressure.

Reactions from Clinicians:

Puppet therapy gets to the core of the person and their issues.

Adult puppet therapy has the creative potential to reach people.

You, as the puppet therapist, allowed yourself to be free, and the client modeled your freedom.

The experience of the puppet helps to access wholeness and healing.

The work of adult puppet therapy is exquisite therapy. Its soul work.

This work has truly changed my client's ability to be fully human in the world.

Watching the video of your clinical vignette was like watching an encounter with God.

The puppet provided a ministry of presence.

Reactions from School Children:

7th Grade Girl - "Joanne's puppet show was great! You really were able to understand what each and every puppet was going through and how each puppet felt. The puppets I could relate to most were Sally and Terry. Having a younger sister who bugs you is enough. But, having a sister who bugs you because of a problem is worse. I really understand how Sally felt rejected and unloved even though she loved her sister."

7th Grade Boy - "I really enjoyed your presentation, especially, 'Cool Eugene.' I think that what was stressed about being confident with yourself, not turning someone off due to their 'outside' and not criticizing children with learning disabilities is very important. The fact that the puppets are teaching you this lesson, and this is not coming straight from a person really adds lively enjoyment to your presentation. I must admit, 'Cool Eugene' is really cool!"

6th Grade Boy - "I really enjoyed most of your presentation, but some of it I didn't like because it made me think of some times when I have done the things the puppets talked about. I guess that was good 'cause that's what they were supposed to do."

8th Grade Girl - "All your characters were very nice and I have an example for you... My friend, Lisa, has Cancer. She doesn't have any hair. She just moved into our neighborhood and kids tease her because she wears a wig, just like Cool Eugene. But, she just thinks about God. She thinks everybody has to be different."

6th Grade Girl - "I thought the puppet who had the learning problem taught me something because my sister has a learning problem. Sally showed me how much she loved her sister and that reminded me how much I love my sister. At first though, just like Sally, it was hard, because Mom and Dad were helping her and paying attention to her, like Sally and Terry. I thank you Joanne for reminding me how much I love my sister."

8th Grade Girl - "I think the presentation was very nice. It could teach many young people to believe in themselves, even if you're different. It helped me too, 'cause I'm different! Sometimes, mot of the times, I feel like everyone hates me. I feel I hate myself! so it really helped me to know people have worse problems!"

8th Grade Boy - "My reaction to the puppet show was that I learned a lot about people. I first thought it would be dumb, but it was great."

7th Grade Boy - "I liked Cool Eugene the best because you shouldn't be ashamed if you have a problem. He wasn't ashamed of being bald. I have a problem about doing my room, because when I get home, I like to go right out. My mom yells at me if I don't do it and when she stops yelling, I sing the song."

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