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Are there symptoms of inattention, impulsivity or hyperactivity in multiple settings? You may be dealing with ADD/ADHD.

Dr Vizzini can help.


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Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms can include difficulty staying focused, difficulty controlling one's behavior, hyperactivity (over-activity), organizational difficulty and lack of follow through. Dr. Daniel Amen has named six categories. See for an online survey of these types and ways to treat the types, both medically and with natural supplements.

One year when I taught elementary school, my first grade class was full of bright-eyed children over half of whom met the above symptoms for ADD/ADHD. This led to my desire to understand and learn to help others cope with this brain difference. The children most likely pegged as having this disorder are those who have trouble with impulse control and don't easily stay in their seats. Those with the inattentive type often slip by because of being quiet. Medication may be beneficial for any type, but counseling or therapy is usually essential.

Being a highly creative individual who has needed to learn new skills to compensate for my own challenges, I offer a unique blend of cognitive-behavioral approaches that are fun and balanced. If your child/teen is your concern, you may want the pediatrician to see them to rule out any biological issues. If the teachers are complaining, you may want to ask then to fill out a survey or have the child/teen given a battery of educational tests.

If you are a young adult and thinking of attending college/university and are unsure due to the impact of symptoms on your studies, have hope. All of the young adults on my caseload thus far have met success by using the tools and resources available to them and with the support of therapy. If you are an adult and you are having relationship difficulties based on you having a style that includes some ADD type symptoms, be assured that you can overcome your difficulties with identification of the problem and the proper treatment and medication, if needed.

I find it a privilege to journey with the clientele I have served over the past 13 years as a psychotherapist. And, I bring 25 years of experience as an educator, caregiver, administrator, retreat directress, workshop leader (see my resume for details) and co-journeyer to support your unique healing process. Come join me, as together we seek Freedom Through Psychotherapy: Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts.

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