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Are you feeling down in the dumps more often than not, sad, or a bit lost?

You may be experiencing depression. Dr. Vizzini can be of help.


Co Dependency
Anxiety Disorders
Bipolar Disorders


If your feelings of sadness seem outside of the normal everyday ups and downs of living, you may need to check your symptoms. Are you sleeping more or less than usual? Are you lonely or hopeless, feeling like you don't want to participate in your regular activities? Depression can be sly and it can be serious, so please pay attention if you have had a depressed mood for more than two weeks.

Ask yourself if your symptoms could be situational, related to a medical condition, like hypothyroidism, or the use of a substance? If you are asking the question, then it's best to get help because depression can leave one isolated and feeling alone, which is when it can become dangerous. Suicidal ideation, or thoughts of wanting to escape from life, are to be taken seriously and dealt with by a phone call for help, like to Grassroots at 410-531- 6677 or a suicide hotline 1-800-273-8255.

There are different types of depression: dysthymia, a low level of constant sadness; seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a depression that occurs when there is a significant change in the season, like in the winter; bipolar, a type of depression that can be severe and related to a disorder that also has highs, not just lows (see bipolar on website).

Depression can occur in adults, young adults, teens, and even children. It constitutes one of the largest groups of people seeking treatment, as it often occurs with anxiety, along with many other disorders. Common symptoms like low energy and difficulty concentrating may make it hard to function normally. It may have a biological component and need a medication evaluation or respond to counseling or therapy or require both.

Together we can look at your unique profile and stressors and establish a wellness plan based on your specific needs. Exercise, rest, diet, and meditation have been found effective in lowering depressive symptoms. If you're unsure what's best for you, come in for an evaluation as a first step toward freedom.

I find it a privilege to journey with the clientele I have served over the past 13 years as a psychotherapist. And, I bring 25 years of experience as an educator, caregiver, administrator, retreat directress, workshop leader (see my resume for details) and co-journeyer to support your unique healing process. Come join me, as together we seek Freedom Through Psychotherapy: Transforming Lives, Healing Hearts.

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